HOLA , COMO ESTAN MIS AMORES!!!?? 😏 Yes, the lovely sounds of Español.😍 I don't know about others but as for me, Spanish is my favorite language !! I was always intrigued by how it fluently just rolled off the tongue! I just love meeting others from different areas of the world and of many different nationalities and expressing creative ideas together. Elevate In Fashion has recently had the privilege of having a one one with this multi talented, beautiful Latina who goes by the name Real Mami ! What does she do ???? I'm glad you asked 😉😏......Let's first take a moment and reach our destination station....now finish this sentence...I never stop.....As for me I would say I never stop giving respect to those who helped me get where I am today. It is crucial that we never forget the bridge that helped get us over to the other side.  Think about that special someone in your life. If you haven't told him or her thank you in a while then I dare you to just take a moment and say it today. 😊💖 Ahora, Estas listo para conocer a esta talentosa mujer?  Bien, echa un vistazo !!!👇👀😁.    



EIF: How old are you?

 REAL MAMI: I will just say I’m an 80’s baby lol😄

EIF: Lol clever answer! Tell us ,😄 Where are you from? 

REAL MAMI:  I grew up in New York, Oklahoma and Florida
since my Father was in the military.😊

EIF: What's your full name?

 REAL MAMI: Alicia Gonzalez (Real Mami)😏

EIF : What college did you attend? When did you graduate? What is the name
of your degree?

REAL MAMI: Majoring in Arts at Fayetteville Tech. Community College, graduating2021.  I also attended International Academy of Design and Technology
in Tampa, Florida.😁

EIF: When did you become interested in fashion design, entrepreneurship,
song writing, singing modeling, acting, and photography and why?

Since I was 5 my baby sitter was a seamstress and I would watch her sew, she
made clothes and dolls. Then my Father bought me a fashion sketch toy
when I was 8 and I started making my own doll clothes from my old
clothes around 10.😁

EIF: What's your Inspiration as an actress, model, fashion designer,
singer, and photographer?

REAL MAMI: I just love to be creative and different and
I also love seeing people shine and happy doing what they love.  Plus,
what would the world be without entertainment ?. Also, my kids always
inspire me to do what I love and they support my dreams.😍

EIF: How long have you been in your professions? Tell us a little about
your music …When did you record and write your first song? What was it
about? What about your fashion design and photography career, what
sparked your interest in design and photography? 

My Father was a Latin
songwriter when I was a teen and he would always have a vocal coach
come over with my friend to help sing and record his songs. I was
always too scared to sing in front of anyone. I started making music
since around early 2000’s when Alicia Keys came out she was someone I
can relate to and made me more confident to start writing my own
songs.  My very first song I wrote was about love and how I thought
love should feel.  It was a poem and I turned it into a song. My
Fashion career actually began when I was in NC and met someone while
filming a movie and they invited me to my first fashion show. I made
all of my designs by hand. I began photography after I was tired of
trying to find photographers who were professional or knew what I
wanted. I also had a model friend in ATL who asked me to be his
photographer and he made sure I took all of the professional training
courses to become a successful Fashion Photographer. I also had so
much practice at Fashion shows and other events or with other artists.
My friend would even help me take pictures of myself after I did her

EIF: Wow ! How amazing ! 😮What is your definition of fashion?

REAL MAMI:  Fashion is art on cloth that
makes you express who you are individually for a special event or mood
and also helps create amazing memories in photos.📷

EIF: Any music artist or designers, models, actresses, or photographers
that you admire or have ever admired? What is your favorite genre of
music to listen, sing and write to? 

REAL MAMI: Alicia Keys, Madonna, Jennifer
Lopez, Michael Jackson, Jodeci, Maluma and Rosalia.  My favorite
actress is JLo and Angelina Jolie. I listen to mainly r&b and hip hop
90’s throwback music and all of the Latin urban music.🎧🎵🎶

EIF: Any favorite designers, artist, company’s, or magazines that you

 REAL MAMI: I love Vogue magazine.😍

EIF : Any favorite fabrics or styles you love wearing?

REAL MAMI:  I love the 80s and
90s retro style/urban wear or classy.😏

EIF: How would you describe your personal style? 

REAL MAMI: Serious, funny,
creative, genuine, and loyal.👌

EIF: What advice do you have for young uprising fashion designers,
photographers, actresses or models?  We see that you work with
children a lot! We love that!  Tell us what is the best part about
working with children?

REAL MAMI:  For Fashion, I would say stay educated and keep
up with current fashion, attend shows and also stay unique. For
photographers, learn as much as you can there is so much to know about
the camera, editing, poses and types of photography. Actresses and
models make sure you take acting classes and model classes. It can
make or break you. Also register with an agency  do your research
first. I love working with kids because they are the most genuine and
they have so many new ideas and they are definitely passionate about
what they do. They also give me motivation when they tell me how happy
they are wearing my designs. I just want to be a role model to those
who don’t have anyone to look up to.  Maybe I can inspire them the way
I was inspired by others.💓

EIF: Any challenges as a fashion designer, model, actresses, song writer
and photographer?

 REAL MAMI: Always a challenge mainly dealing with
professionalism in all areas and working with people who are

EIF: What do you love the most about being a fashion designer, song
writer, actress, model, and photographer? 

 REAL MAMI: I just love being unique
and creative, I also love the entertainment from behind the scenes
it’s fun to see how we come together and make everyone smile or feel

EIF: Describe yourself using one word and tell us why. 

REAL MAMI: REAL-I am always
genuine and passionate, inspiring and loyal to everyone I meet.😏😍😁👌👏












Facebook : @Alicia Gonzalez 


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