Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Ambitious and Talented Ms. Lamyae El Machichi the fashion Designer/Illustrator from Morocco!!

Fashion is all around us every where we go every thing we see expresses the capacity of fashion. The power to express ourselves is an unlimited feeling!! The most interesting thing I love about fashion is the fact that fashion is world wide!! I love meeting new people from different areas of the world who share the same love I have for fashion. I recently had the great pleasure of meeting this extremely detailed 26 year old  fashion designer who really makes me look at fashion differently!! Her name is Lamyae  El Machichi and she is from Morocco, a North African country.

Before we continue let's pause for a moment... Now let's reach our motivation station.....finish this sentence.....I NEVER STOP....I never stop being humble. It is important that even when success is everywhere around you to stay humble and grateful. Feel free to help someone else reach the same levels of success that you are at!! Be proud of yourself but as you rise don't forget to help others do the same as well!!! ☺☺☺☺☺.  While speaking to Lamyae she expressed one funny fact about her name she tells me " My name is an Arabic name meaning a girl with full lips"  This was very funny to me so i had to ask her if she actually has full lips in her opinion. She tells me " Haha no it's actually the opposite! I have really tinny lips"  We both couldn't help but share a laugh at this!!! Her name is still very unique to me. πŸ‘☺

'Morocco is rich in history and famous for it’s culture, cuisine and art.  There are so many different ways to express yourself in Morocco, through ceramic, sculpting, drawing and fashion. I am currently based in a Mediterranean city called Tetouan which was the first Moroccan city to join the Creative Network of the UNESCO"  Hearing this automatically made me light up in aw!!☺☺☺  My thoughts immediately are I got to visit this wonderful part of the world!!! Lamyae has a degree in economics and Management she graduated in 2013. Now she is studying Fashion design and will graduate this year!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘  She is a very intelligent woman!!   

Lets take a look at some of Lamyae's designs:

As I began to analyze her designs I specifically love how well detailed her creations are!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ Every one of her masterpieces tells it's own story. I asked Lamyae if there were any inspirations when designing this is what she said "Inspiration can be taken from everything and anything at anytime. There are times when I find myself lacking inspiration, so what I do is go out, explore new places because it helps me clear my mind .  Maybe, listening to Music, watching some fashion shows.. "  This answer is perfection to me!! My main thought is how I admire her maturity level!! It is evident to clear your mind at times and never become overwhelmed. πŸ‘☺. Being passionate is a great part of Lamyae's Individuality and her dream name for her clothing line would be called Morrocan Spirit  . I can clearly see how this young lady takes pride in where she is from!!☺ 

"During my early age, I use to draw models with dresses, gowns and caftan ( A luxurious traditional Moroccan dress), since then I knew that I have a talent in drawing and have always believed that my destiny is to be a fashion designer/illustrator. After high school, I was thinking about applying for Art school.  Unfortunately my parents were against it . Not that they didn’t believe in my talent but according to them, pursuing an art career would not provide a financially stable life. So, I went to the University of Business instead.  It‘s not until last year that I have finally decided to pursue my dream and be a self taught illustrator. "  I specifically adore the fact that she is a self taught illustrator!!  I love meeting and getting to know people who have that desire to break their own limits and see just what they can teach themselves!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Lamyae to me is not only an very interesting woman but more importantly I noticed how not only is clothing and gowns her specialty but accessories are as well !!  I personally must say I fell In love with this factor about her because I am a fashion stylist and accessories are extremely important to us stylists!!☺☺☺☺  

Let's take a look:


Those stilettos,,,They are just simply fabulous!!!! The interesting fact about her masterpieces are that they look realistic almost as though the sketches come to life immediately upon looking at them!! That's great because every designer should have a desire for their masterpieces to come alive. πŸ‘€

Lamyae enjoys using fabrics such as silks and velvet's , "I love the softness and the fine texture of it, and how elegant it can make you appear". " I also like crepe fabric, easy to work with and provides a comfort, light weight feel". Elisabetha Franchi, Georhe Hobeika and Pamela Rolland. These are some of the names of the designers/artists that Lamyae admires. I asked Lamyae if there were any favorite colors when designing, she expressed to me the colors she has the most weakness for, "I have a weakness for nude colors, different gradients of grey  and black".  In my opinion those colors are some of the best colors to work with because those colors are neutral colors and are very easy to experiment with!!!πŸ‘☺

While getting to know Lamyae El Machichi I had to find out the answer to one of my favorite questions to ask. I had to know how she would define herself using one word, "Emotional" was what she said to me. This answer was interesting to me so I asked her why she would define herself this way?


"I am a very sensitive person. I tend to let emotions get hold of me. Sometimes I can't control them. Little things can touch me either good or bad" I appreciate how honest and real she is!! She's not afraid to say anything about herself even if it may seem bad and that's an outstanding trait!! Lamyae is not only a fashion designer/Illustrator but she is an artist as well!!
Again I admire her detailed ability!! Just look at the expression on the face of this woman!! πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ "To me, Fashion is a way to tell your story, to share your thoughts through clothes without the need to speak".  Fashion and art are exactly the same  and I agree with Lamyae's definition of fashion 100% I can tell someones mood or the story they are presenting just by the artististic creation/design drawn!! "Do not stop practicing, learn to be persistent and stay patient". This is the advice that Lamyae has for any uprising fashion designers/Illustrators.  Lamyae El Machichi is clearly an ambitious woman who knows where she is headed in life and has a vision and plan for her future!! I commend Ms. El Machichi and I can only imagine where her outstanding talent will take her next!!




  1. I love her designs!!!!! It is so beautiful!!!!!!!! She has major talent ^·^

    1. Thank you AΓ―leen!!I appreciate your support and I agree with you!! 100% 😍☺

  2. Wow que chulas las ilustraciones, me encantan!
    Muchas gracias por tu comentario en mi blog guapa, te espero por mi nuevo post, mil besos!

    1. No hay problema, eres bienvenido y gracias por tu apoyo! ! Mil besos ! ! 😊

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    1. wow!! I am so glad to hear that!! Thank you so much !! for supporting and sharing your thoughts !! much love.

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