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See Fashion Through The Illustrator Terrance Bernard's Eyes!!!

Fashion is in the perception of the mind. The ability to be creative is up to those who allow themselves to break limits and challenge the levels of their creative skills.  I think the story of fashion  and the power of creativity is told most through fashion illustration!! Fashion illustrators really have to open their mind completely to surely tell the story of the masterpiece being illustrated and the fashion Illustrator Terrance Bernard does just that!!πŸ‘

 Before we continue let's pause for a moment and reach your motivation station...Now finish this sentence I NEVER STOP... I never stop focusing on my success. It's evident to have a goal set and to not stop till you accomplish!! No matter what any body says this is your life so believe, receive and achieve! Ya Dig? Now to continue fashion illustration is by definition : the art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form that originates with illustration, drawing and painting and also known as Fashion sketching. I like the word communicate because when i see an creation for the first time i am automatically thinking what does this outfit say to me? What is the flavor and the mood? Now fashion illustrators can sketch off their own ideas or often they collaborate with different designers to help make their vision come to life. Fashion illustrators are completely artistic!! They make sure every detail of the creation is shown!!πŸ‘  Their keen eye for design is compelling!!

 Terrance Bernard is a 48 year old talented fashion Illustrator/Designer born in Atlanta Georgia. The Interesting  fact that I love about Terrance is that he only graduated from Therrell High school and to this day has no college degree neither did he ever attend college!! The fact that he is such an amazing successful fashion illustrator without any college education is quite impressive!! When interviewing him I asked when did he become interested in fashion illustration and why? he responded by telling me "I have always loved to dress, no matter if it came to dressing casual, business attire, sports attire, and also preppy attire. As a kid growing up into my early teens , ever since I was 12 years of age I knew that I was destined for fashion because I always was drawn to clothing. It really runs in my DNA.  My great Grandmother , Grandmother and Mother were all seamstresses. I have been drawing since I was 6 years old. As I began to get older I really became more better at defining fashion. I guess that I can thank God for this vision because I am a self taught fashion designer/Illustrator"

Check out one of his illustrations: 

I specifically love this creation because dissecting this design first I love the royal blue!! As I get closer I began to admire the ruffles from the bust line down her waist. The v cut up the legs with a beautiful finishing touch of the baby blue lining tracing is just perfection!! 

The name of Terrance Bernard's clothing line is called Terrance Bernard Collextionz. This is for men's ,woman's,and children s clothing. Terrance Defines himself as optimistic. Which means he is a very hopeful and confident individual!!☺ Every designer and or Illustrator needs inspiration so  I asked Terrance who are his inspirations? What motivates him to create masterpieces?  Terrance began to share with me " I get my inspiration from other fashion designers such as Karl Kani, Gianni Versace, Tom Ford, Sean John, Ralph Lauren, Cacoste and Alexander McQueen"

Have a look at this masterpiece:   

This is lovely!! It is a mixture of the Natural type style and the classic type style!!!  There are natural style shorts with a classy blouse just gorgeous!! I also noticed the hat!! Simply flawless It is extremely important to accessorize always this gives your outfit that extra jazz when exposing your  personality through what you wear!! 

"My definition of fashion is something beautiful that is yet imperfect but beautiful as nature it's self"   

Terrance loves to use earth tones and pastels when designing. He has a very kind personality and loves to uplift others and spread positive motivations daily. He is a great supporter and a huge encouragement to all those he encounters.

Look at these pictures of his masterpieces: 


"My favorite fabrics would have to be mink,  fur, leather, all types of raw elegant, silk , Denim and cotton"

These are just some of his many powerful Illustrations. Over all I love how Terrance has the zeal to keep going until he wins!!If  he didn't believe he wouldn't be this successful today!! πŸ‘☺ I commend him for his accomplishments in the fashion industry!!

When closing this interview I had one more question to ask Terrance. I asked him what advice did he have for an young uprising fashion Designer/Illustrator? He tells me " The advice I have for a young upcoming Fashion Designer is to stay in your own lane and be different and have your own class of signature style. Never give up and never quit, keep the faith and always follow your dreams. Keep God first and everything else will follow"  I simply love this answer it is very encouraging!! I myself personally believe in uplifting others so these positive words automatically made me smile!! ☺☺☺☺  

Fashion is truly in the perception of the mind and Terrance Bernard certainly takes fashion Illustration to another level!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


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