Monday, October 2, 2017

The Power Of The Colors Black And White!!!

Hey fashion Lovers it's Alina Teresa quick question. What comes to mind when you hear the colors black and white. I'm talking black and white on clothing. Which color do you feel most comfortable wearing? Before you answer this question LET'S PAUSE FOR A MINUTE NOW REACH YOUR MOTIVATION STATION AND FINISH THIS SENTENCE I NEVER STOP......  I NEVER STOP BEING ME!! There may be others around you that always want to make you feel small but you must know that you were designed to win always!!You must know that you are one of a kind and if you don't be yourself who will? So be you no matter what any one says you are extraordinary and extraordinary people don't loose Ya Dig?

Now to continue with the topic at hand the colors black and white are total opposites but I believe everyone should have some black and white in their closets and here's why. The color black is the color of absorption and white is the color of reflection!!

It seems everyone at times wants to absorb the atmosphere around them by what they wear and then there are times when people want to reflect who they are by what they wear!! Black is the color that is most known for making people look slimmer. It is a very bold and elegant color. Black represents power and formality!! It is mysterious and portrays strength. It is a very dramatic and aggressive color. I have noticed how people feel secure almost as if they are safe wearing the color black!! Black is one of  those colors that go with anything. It is a very neutral and does best in the winter time. I wouldn't recommend wearing black in the summer as much as it will absorb the heat making you only hotter than you probably already are!!

So it is very important to choose wisely when wearing black. On the contrary side to black is white the more spring and summer color. White is the color of goodness, purity, innocence, light and honesty!! White is a very tender color. This color as well as black can match with any thing. In my opinion as a fashion designer I enjoy designing using the color white because this is an experimental color!! White promotes a great since of positivity!!
Both these colors are essential for your closet!! Take a look at the power of black and white combined!!

Fabulous!! I love how the colors black and white can be used for classy wear, elegant wear and casual wear!!!

There are some negatives of both the black and white colors!!!! Unfortunately black can be associated with mourning, negativity and can be thought of as lifeless as well. The color white can be looked at as clinical, colorless and cold.

For the most part these two colors are unique neutral colors which can be experimented in many outstanding ways!! In my opinion black and white are like brother and sister!! I like to look at them as twins!! When you look at them that way as a designer the creativity just flows consistently!! I love these two colors together because the designer can tell any story he/she pleases when combining these colors!! It can be exciting, relaxing vibrant or energetic the possibilities are endless!! When wearing these colors in the fall season I suggest wearing white with the color maroon or orange. As for black I suggest wearing black with a golden yellow color or green. What do you think? Are you struck by the power of the colors black and white?!?  

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