Saturday, October 14, 2017

Finding your true Individuality!!!

Hey Extraordinary people!! and fashion Lovers. What makes you, you?  What's your flavor? Does your image reflect who you truly are? Your Image, personality, attitude, and behavior all make up your INDIVIDUALITY!!! Do we really truly stop and analyze ourselves before we walk out the door every morning? Or do we truly watch the way we talk and treat others every day as it is a reflection of our attitude and behavior? 😳 I doubt it!! The truth of the matter is we all should be inspecting ourselves each day. That's why I want to talk about finding your true individuality!! FIRST LET'S PAUSE FOR A MOMENT AND TAP INTO OUR MOTIVATION STATION!! NOW FINISH THIS SENTENCE I NEVER STOP....I NEVER STOP LOOKING AHEAD!!! IT MAY SEEM EASY TO JUST GIVE UP SOMETIMES BUT WHEN THINGS ARE HARD IN LIFE THAT'S THE MOST TIME TO PRESS FORWARD WE ARE STRONGER THAN WE THINK WE ARE YA DIG? πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

We are all born with our own image and identity. As we develop so does our personality, attitude, and behavior. The thought that comes to my mind is what is our individuality? What makes us different from one another besides our features, ethnicity and different body shapes. Individuality by definition is the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind , especially when strongly marked. I dissect this definition as saying that individuality is a trait that makes each human different from one another. It is the uniqueness that makes you exactly who you are! So the question is have you found your inner uniqueness?

Believe it or not our Individuality has a lot to do with the way we dress as well!!! We all dress according to what we like and according to our personalities. There may be a certain color that you always wear on a certain day of the week or maybe you wear a certain piece of jewelry everyday because it is special to you or maybe you say a  certain phrase or word that you only say which has your own personal meaning to it!! These are traits that are apart of your INDIVIDUALITY!!

I believe we all are unique because if we were not then we all would look and act exactly the same!! Although this is quite obvious to see many people struggle to feel different everyday!! Some people want to find their true INDIVIDUALITY!! Finding your individuality starts with your thoughts...your inner feelings. Action how you feel without fear of judgment. Do what makes you feel great without second thinking!!  πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

These thoughts, inner feelings and motivations will form your INDIVIDUALITY!!!

I believe we are who we believe we are!! Any one can tell you that you are powerful beyond measure but if you don't believe it for yourself then the encouragement is naught. 
It is important to find your own light in life and express yourself always. Once you tap into your inner self and be fully real and acceptable about who you truly are then you should began to apply these motivations in what you wear every day. Let what you wear explain who you are. Began to jazz it up!! Wear something that makes you different from those around you!! For example almost everybody loves jeans but some people like to take a simple pair of jeans and make it their own unique style by adding access designs or accessories such as graffiti or jewels. As a trend spotter and fashion stylist I personally watch what I see people wearing around me everyday and I apply my observations into my fashion journal. I completely love to see someone take an ordinary outfit or piece of clothing and make it extraordinary by making it their own. By doing this I learn something about the personality of that consumer. 😍😊 

I encourage any and everybody to express their INDIVIDUALITY. Don't let the world define who you are!! As for me I personally am an Individual who loves to wear sun glasses on my head no matter the weather I usually always got my sunglasses on my head!!(For some reason I look at sunglasses as an must wear accessory just like my jewelry or my clothing that I put on every morning) I specifically like to wear two rings on one of my fingers...ALWAYS!! These are just a little bit of  traits that make me who I am, they make up my INDIVIDUALITY!!😁😁😁😁😁

I enjoy getting to know people simply because of the joyous factor that they are different from me!! I want to know what others have that singles them out from other people around them and singles them out from me!! Never doubt who you are or feel unimportant!! Demonstrate, reveal, and convey your flavor!! You see your difference is you!!100% and you should embrace whatever it is that makes you the EXTRAORDINARY PERSON THAT YOU ARE!! YA DIG?  πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


  1. You are so right!!!! Being an individual is something you should love. Be artistic, be you!!! I totally agree :)

    1. Thank you!!I'm happy you feel the same!! You are who you believe you are!! ;)


Finding your true Individuality!!!

Hey Extraordinary people!! and fashion Lovers. What makes you, you?  What's your flavor? Does your image reflect who you truly are? Your...