Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trend Setter VS. Trend Spotter!! Which One Are You?

Hey Fashion Lovers Aka Extraordinary people!! I believe we all are extraordinary and we all have something to offer this world. There are so many of us existent on this big ole planet why not share some Love with someone else? You never know who may need to smile today or who needs to here just a simple kind word it will soothe the heart and give hope for tomorrow for real!! So with that being said I want to focus on exactly what you call yourself when you get dressed in the morning!!! Do you follow with every trend exactly or do you like to adopt your own unique style or do you rock both ways? Before you answer this question just PAUSE FOR A MOMENT.....TAKE A DEEP BREATHE AND LET'S REACH THAT MOTIVATION STATION!! NOW FINISH THIS SENTENCE I NEVER STOP.... I NEVER STOP BEING GRATEFUL!! SOMETIMES WE HAVE SO MUCH IN LIFE THAT WE FORGET TO STOP AND JUST BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT WE HAVE BECAUSE THERE IS SOMEONE WORSE OFF THEN YOU SO WE SHOULD NOT COMPLAIN OR TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED OR ANYONE  WHO TRULY LOVES AND IS LOYAL TO US FOR GRANTED AS WELL YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'VE GOT UNTIL IT'S GONE!!!

Now let's jump back into the purpose. The trend spotter versus the trend setter. First let me explain what a trend is. A trend is a type of fashion or style adopted by consumers for a period of time. Trends last usually a year depending on the industry. Now we have the fad. The fad is a shortly lived style or fashion. Fads fade quickly. I simply believe it can be because the certain style or fashion seems good at that moment to the consumers but it may become more boring as time goes on making it difficult to be kept alive. There has to be an attraction and/or a difference when presenting a trend, something to keep it special to the consumers around drawing them closer to the presented trend.

Now a trend spotter is one who scouts out the trends. This is the person who studies what is new in the world of consumers from accessories to clothing!! The trend spotter is constantly watching the celebrities. It seems to be that the celebrities start trends the most!! So it is the trend spotters job to stay up on every thing new and different because trends happen instantly!! Trend spotters must in a since window shop. They must be very observing and one of the main things they should carry with them at all times is a fashion journal. Now the fashion journal is a notebook that the trend spotter will use to write down all the trends they see around them as they go through the fashion retail stores. They want to also note what they see consumers wearing around them. This will keep the trend spotter very successful in the job!!

                                                          Trend Setter

Now the trend setter is the one who likes to express his/her individuality boldly!! The one who likes to be extremely different!! The one who doesn't like to be instructed on how to dress but likes to step out and draw attention to themselves everyday!! In my opinion the trend setters are pretty amazing!! The ability to think that creative is fabulous!! Trend Setters tap directly into themselves!! This person really knows what he/she likes. The most successful thing about the trend setter is when the new style or fashion actually becomes adopted by consumers!!

For me personally I am a trend spotter and trend setter!! Simply because I am a fashion stylist I must scout out the latest trends for my clients!! As being a fashion designer I am automatically forced to think creative and different. I am automatically encouraged to embrace individuality and the passion to be unique!!!

Now both the trend spotter and the trend setter take thinking, devotion and consistency!! So the real question is which one floats your boat? Who are you really? The trend setter vs. the trend spotter!!!! Which one screams your name!!! 

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