Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Hey fashion lovers it's Alina Teresa here take a moment and feel your neck. now grip your neck. Not to tight but just enough where your hand fits half way around your neck. How does that feel? Now before you answer this question, let's stop for a moment , take a deep breathe ,and reach your motivation station now finish this sentence I NEVER STOP..... I'll say I NEVER STOP GIVING MY ALL. In every day life it is essential to never settle for less. Always remind yourself that you can do better than the day before. YESTERDAY IS GONE ,TODAY IS A NEW DAY !!! Now back to the topic of discussion does the thought and feeling of something around the shape of your neck irritate you? Well believe it or not gripping the shape of your neck has a become one of the biggest fashion trends of today's generation by CHOKER NECKLACES!!! Yes.. now some hear the word choker and think oh no!! no one and/or nothing will be choking my neck , but there are others who actually enjoy the feel and look of chokers so what do you think chokers YAY OR NAY?

I personally really like this one. This is the classy type. You see the interesting thing about chokers is that they fit for any type of style clothing you have on and mostly any type of shape neck!! Notice the drooped chain and charm. This is what will gain the attention. Without those additions, the choker would be ordinary. Imagine if the additions could be removable then the choker could be worn with casual outfits as well as classy wear. That's a YAY right there!!
In an article called :

The History Behind … The Choker
By Michelle Graff

The writer shares how chokers get its origin from cultures such as Africa, India, and the Western Civilizations. The writer also shares an interview taken with the company called National Jeweler. In this interview, they were asked to state where the idea of chokers, came from. National Jeweler answers by saying "The history of the choker dates back thousands of years, to the world’s earliest civilizations, the Sumer empire in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt"

Check out this choker from Egypt. Look at how strong and shiny that gold is!! For them this is considered royalty. This choker says I love to be treated as high classy, but I'm a little bit edgy as well. In other words, safety with a little danger. Notice the sharp edges.... OUCH!!! In Egypt, it was just as important to respect the woman as they did the men. YAY OR NAY?

Check out this style type choker:
This is so unique. What makes this choker different from the others is how it's sort of like a piece of art to me. We all know how art and fashion are related so for me this shows just how powerful art and fashion are together! When they combine they tell a whole story from beginning to end. Depending on color and design consumers can tell just what kind of story is being told.

What about the fellas? Are ya’ll into chokers? Ladies would you be interested in your man wearing a choker necklace? 

This choker has a pretty nice flow on this gentleman! Usually I'm not the one to be a fan of a male choker simply because they have a tendency to look to feminine on a man. The neck's of men are shaped more broad and naturally more rough than that of a woman's neck but while analyzing this photo I noticed why this choker is a plus. Notice the mans collar. His collar shirt covers most of his neck so the choker doesn't look like it's hugging his whole neck. The silhouette of his neck is not fully exposed which gives the choker a more manly approach !!! Let's examine a choker contrary to this one.

Notice how his neck is fully exposed. Although he looks pretty masculine the choker around his neck dims his light just a little bit. This may appeal to some as fly!!! So what do y'all think? Ladies choker on a guy , is it fly? Fellas are ya'll into this as part of your everyday swag?

The popularity of choker necklaces are only rising from here. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Taylor Swift,  and Beyoncé are wearing chokers expressing their moods in photo shoots as well as every day life. Chokers for men are mainly worn by male models for fashion shows to show off the mood of the outfit and tell the story the designer has in mind. (Notice again the collar around the male models neck this makes the choker work for him!!)

Fashion is all about how you present yourself!! Remember to dress according to your importance in life and according to where you will be attending that day!! Accessories are extremely important as well. Every piece of jewelry is art so where it with pride. !!! As for me chokers are one of my ADDICTIONS!! I cannot walk into any fashion retail store without purchasing a choker before leaving it's just necessary!! What about you CHOKERS YAY OR NAY?

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