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Hey Fashion Lovers It's Alina Teresa and I have one question to ask you all. What did everyone think about fashion week 2017-2018? First before we get in full fashion mode let's pause take a deep breathe and reach your motivation station. Now finish this sentence I NEVER STOP.....I MUST SAY I NEVER STOP BREAKING LIMITS OVER MY LIFE!! There will always be someone trying to challenge you and/or believing that they are better than you. DON'T LET THE HATERS LIMIT YOU BECAUSE NO ONE CAN STOP YOU BUT YOURSELF YA DIG? Now back to business I have to say that I personally loved fashion week this September. What I love about fashion the most is the constant changing!! In my studies as a fashion blogger I have learned that fashion is always changing. Day after day, month after month , and year after year. I have also learned that it is not the designers who mainly change fashion but it is the consumers who really create the change. You see as a fashion designer we can create a new masterpiece all we want but when we place our product up for sale it is the consumers choice to purchase or not therefore making them have the power of making the work of art a trend , fad, or nothing at all!!

Think about it!! We all as designers are only as good as our creative mind will allow us to be!! So hopping right into it I want to start with my favorite of all time every fashion week I specifically cannot wait to see DESIGUAL COUTURE DARLING!!!! They are my ultimate!! What I love about them the most is there drive for creativity. They never limit themselves to one type of style or one type of color theme....NO!! they are outside the box!! They even had choreography and me as being a choreographer as well enjoyed seeing my two loves combined together on the runway!! Look at this picture!!

This is truly one of my favorite designs!! Notice the crop hoodie and the flare skirt. Gorgeously fitted upon the silhouettes of these women. Notice how the animal print is not only black and white but pink on the sleeves and red inside the hoodie NOT PLAYING IT SAFE AT ALL!! I LOVE IT!! How about this one:

This model was in the process of doing a 360 spin which was apart of the choreography. I noticed how Desigual Couture enjoyed using head pieces and props in their show which was well entertaining. It helped explain the designer's mood and vision for the story being told.

Notice how every model has their own individuality!! The colors, the sequence, the accessories, even the positions of the models!!
I specifically Loved this first Model who came out ready to start the show with fire!!
She had this look in her eyes and she had a strut that caught everyone's attention and I thought YAZZZZZ that is the way you start off a fashion show!! It is important to have models who can totally connect with the mood of your apparel. I began to contact Desigual as I do every year around fashion week to compliment their designs and when I mentioned this model they totally agreed with me!!
My over all review of Desigual Couture Darling is just FABULOUS hands down!!! Creativity is every thing and Desigual Couture is the exact definition of creativity. You want to make sure you stand out and be different as a fashion designer so that you catch more attention of the consumers not only in the USA but world wide!!! BRAVO!!! Desigual Couture!!

One of my next favorites would have to be the designer Jarel Zhang!! I loved his caution themed fashion show!! check out these pictures!!

I immediately noticed the props first. Before the show began I could already tell the story of the clothing just by looking at the setting!! As the models made their appearances I loved the shiny material. I loved the length and flare each master piece had!! The color choices complimented the setting on the runway. All together it looked like a big family on the runway!!

Now that we've looked at two creative styles let's look at a more natural style designer like Julianna Bass.

What I love the most about Julianna Bass is her ability to design comfortable clothing that still make a woman look classy you can wear these types of dresses to an evening dinner or to an executive job!!! My favorite pattern can be found on the first dress and on the blouse located in the fourth picture. Notice the swirls of colors throughout the blouse and dress. This gives off a fun but certified type flow. The material choices are so elegant a woman wearing these types of outfits demand respect when she walks in any room!! Just GORGEOUS!!

Now every year I love to check out at least one college because this is the generation today they are my generation so this year I have to say I adored The Academy Of  Art University!! Have a look at these photos!

The main thing I loved was how they used the two colors black and white and showed just how productive they are together!! These two colors are neutral colors they are very bland alone but together they create art they create FASHION!! The rope like looking fabric was a unique touch in my opinion as well as the over sized coats!! Remember difference Is what draws the attention of the consumers!!

One of the most creative designers I have also noticed during this years fashion week is Maison The Faux!!!! The colors!!! the ability to mixed fabrics and patterns even the props all gave me life!! check it out!!

This designer clearly knows true creativity!! When directing a fashion show the idea to keep consumers occupied should be in mind. You want to grab their attention and hold it!!I loved how these master pieces did just that!!

There is a key unique designer I would really love to focus on and that is CHROMAT!! 

My main focus is in photo 5. Models of all sizes were included in this fashion show which I thought was wonderful!! This was the first show I had seen that had plus size models!! I don't believe in the stereotype that woman have to look a certain way and be a certain size to be a model!! We all are beautiful in our own way!! We all are different shapes and sizes and that's what make us who we are!! Any one can model no matter the form or fit Ya Dig? BRAVO!! CHROMAT!!!

I fell in love with Bibhu Mohapatra!!! No words just have look!!  

Bibhu had my full attention once I noticed all the sequence incorporated on these gowns and dresses. I love to design gowns in this type of look so he and I are alike in this matter!! Not only did these masterpieces have sequence but the creativity vibe was loud and fluent!! The color choices set a fantastic mood about the runway!! Truly one of my favorites!!

What about Priscavera? What did you all think about the green flow!! Set the fall mood right!! 

I especially loved the random oversized passion t-shirt. That one word is very powerful and I would definitely wear that shirt!! What about you? The black leather coat is so edgy I love it!! 

One of the key trends I have noticed as being a trend spotter is the power of floral!! Floral is really dominating this fall!! I see floral back packs and dresses and bomber jackets and even pants sold every where right now!! So to be dressing in style this season coming in you definitely want to grab some floral gear Ya Dig?

These pieces were designed by Son Jung Wan and the floral patterns were just so elegant!! The material has such an amazing attraction that your eyes just become glued to the models as they walk the runway!! Elegance is apart of the classic type style which also includes pastels!!

Have you ever seen torn fabrics and mixed materials look non trashy? Well this is exactly how Parsons MFA made this creation look towards me NON TRASHY!! I mean I live for mixed pattern and materials so this was so attractive to me!! The story being told here was a very ambitious, out going and a bold party!! I mean just look at the 8th picture!! The shirt on the man was so different I would never think to see that on a man so this was definitely unique!! Plus we cannot forget about the sequence!! Nothing but beauty speaks out of sequence!!!

As I approached the end of fashion week I ran into this fashion show that just stole my heart completely The designer Vicky Zhang!!

Vicky Z just has a spectacular mind!! Her ability to think extravagant is what blew my mind. Very classic and classy!!

From her material choices to her designs(silk, sheer ,lace etc..) ,colors and sequence patterns was all just flawless!! What stole my heart the most was how she used children in her show!! These children were professional in their walk and even the look in their eyes just a great sight to see!!

My over all review of fashion week this 2017-2018 year is just outstanding!! Each year there is something new something unique each designer presents for the world to see. Designers can even inspire each other with their new ideas!! Fashion is just a big family of creativity and whether your a trend spotter, setter, designer, blogger, or stylist we all share the same love and passion for style and fashion. So fashion week 2017-2018 what do you think TERRIFIC OR TERRIBLE?


  1. Wow the Jarel Zhang collection grabbed my attention immediately, much like traffic signs would grab the attention of a passing driver. The colors that were used were very catching. I also liked the collection from the students from the Academy of Art University. The colors that were used were very simple but the shapes were extremely asymmetrical and immediately grabbed my attention. Hopefully that artist goes far in the industry.

    1. Thank you Jessica !!! I love your comments and I agree with you 100%. Great to have a true artist point of view!! I appreciate your support!!


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