Wednesday, May 31, 2017



I know it may seem a bit strange but yes fashion and dance are the same. It is as if they are both twins. fashion and dance both require pattern and creativity. they both are related to the arts and they both are done with the desire to be different and stand out.

​ my dancers/choreographers. I know when you hear that one song that get's you moving you immediately  began to get a vision of how you want to tell the story of that song you hear. that is the same thought a fashion designer get's when he/she becomes inspired. the thought of telling the story of the outfit comes to mind.

​dance tells the story through the body. fashion tells the story through the!!! half of the fashion wore today come from celebrities who are wearing them first bringing certain trends back around just like dance a lot of dances that are popular now today celebrities were doing them first.  but fashion and dance are not just limited to the celebs. anybody who has a desire to invent the next big thing can open their minds at any moment and create a masterpiece!

​Imagine dance and fashion combined. imagine apparel that's outside the box for dance. what do you think

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