Friday, March 10, 2017


Hey Fashion lovers it's Alina Teresa here and i got a question for you all. Are you sick with Bomber fever this season? Now before you answer this question, let's stop for a moment , take a deep breathe ,and reach your motivation station now finish this sentence I NEVER STOP..... For me I would have to say I NEVER STOP CREATING!!! Having a vision and making it a reality is one of the best feelings in the world!! Now back to the topic of discussion BOMBER FEVER!!! Bomber fever is a  resullt of loving bomber jackets and probly owning a ton of them in your bed room closet. Think about it don't deny the truth. Do you have Bomber fever? Bomber jackets also known as MA-1 was founded in the mid 20th century. The jackets range from names such as A-2 to B-15 (depending on the material and the century) The B-15 Bombers are more closely to today's types of Bombers. The Bombers were invented for pilots during WWII. The purpose was warmth, with the main material being leather the Bombers immediately became popular.

Who really new the great impact that the Bomber jackets would soon have on the world! As I began to study these jackets I noticed that Bombers actually fell off popularity but regained it's relevance around 2015 and 2016. By mid 2016 Bombers had officially become a MUST HAVE!!! I mean you have to own at least one bomber or else you are not in style for sure. Bomber jackets get it's shine mostly in the youth of today celebrity's such as Zendaya Coleman , Zayn Malik , Rihanna, Miley Cyrus etc.... Take a peak at these photos:


What do you think? Are Bomber Jackets you? Do they scream your name? As for me I can say they surely are comfortable and warm. Get this!! they even have invented crop Bombers and Bombers for the spring and summer!!

This crop top Bomber screams my name!! Let's analyze the material, color, and design of this Bomber. Mateials such as silk, lace, spandex and maybe a little polyester were embeded in this masterpiece. This is what I call "comfy classy" Simply being in style but feeling in your comfort zone as well. The color choice compliments the design of this Bomber. Purple means royalty and that's exactly what this outfit says to me.
What about the really long Bomber Jackets? If you are tall I say hey.. Go for it!!!! as for the short people I wouldn't suggest Bombers of this length simply because the silhouette will become overwhelmed making the image looked drowned and un attractive. Look at this example:

Kanye West is not only a rapper but an FASHION ICON!! to the world but let's look carefully. Does a long Bomber work on a short person? Not necessarily, it is very important to create a balance according to your height and weight because you do not want to look overwhelmed. It is ok every once in a while to switch up but it shouldn't be a consistant habit because when you are short the goal is to make your body look longer and that can be done by showing your lines and your shape more not hiding it. Have a look at this photo:

Notice how much better the long Bomber looks on a tall person!!! EXCELLENTE !!! So think about it, ask yourself do I  have Bomber fever? If your answer is still no check out this las pic:

This Bomber tells a story to me. It catches my attention!! What do you think? Bomber fever or nah? As for me I'll say I don't have Bomber fever as of yet but it seems in this generation Bomber jackets are taking over fashion!!! The fever is spreading will you catch it? #BOMBERFEVER !!

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