Monday, February 20, 2017

What is fashion....really?

Hey Fashion lovers it's Alina Teresa here with the first topic of discussion. First let's stop for a moment , take a deep breathe ,and reach your motivation station now finish this sentence I NEVER STOP..... For me I must say I NEVER STOP BELIEVING, In honor of fashion week i want to start with breaking down fashion.Ok here we go I want to define the word FASHION !!!What is fashion?  As I began my search on google I type in those exact words and get three very interesting definitions this is what shows up:
a popular trend, especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.
"his hair is cut in the latest fashion"
a manner of doing something.
"the work is done in a rather casual fashion"
make into a particular or the required form.
"the bottles were fashioned from green glass"
Interesting right? I conclude that Fashion is indeed a noun and a verb. Do you get the picture? Fashion is not only what wear but how we wear it as well. Also how we present ourselves in what we wear. For example you could be dresseed in the most fabulous expensive business suit in the world but if your posture is not up right then you will present yourself as careless and of low confidence. Fashion  is also how something is made , like style , pattern and design They are the ingredients to fashion. Now ask yourself what's my fashion? How do I fashion ? The goal is to make your fashion different from everyone elses. Stand out shout out who you are by what you wear. Introduce yourself. How do I fashion? For me I make fashion my Identity. I make fashion my DNA. I like to look fly yes I do!!! but I also like to think outside the box. I like wild colors and wild designs to mix together. Imagine zebra and cheetah patterns COLLIDE!!!
Check this out:

 Image result for cheetah and zebra print gold mix

This is Fashion. It would take a keen eye to realize the message within this. What do you think this pattern is saying?
For me I would say if i seen or met someone wearing a mix of these two patterns together I would say this person is saying "Hello I am fierce, outside the box and different, but i also like to stay color coordinated" Chaotic with a little organization. Interesting. As I began to look into fashion week this year I noticed one main fashion clothing line that stood out! They were not afraid to step outside the box. Different mix of colors, patterns, and materials! My attention was instantly caught.  They were called Desigual !! Have you heard of them?  
Check this out:
Ecru jacket with flowers Suiza | B

Notice the pattern of the jacket. Analyze the different color combinations. Look how the skirt is colorful but not overwhelming in a way to throw off the powerful impact of the jacket. How well balance! This is indeed fashion.
How about this:
Women’s denim jacket Exotic Blue | 5053

Look closley not only is the material jean there is also a mixture of cotton formed as a knitted style upon the arms and across the collar.  Let's disect the jean jacket and look underneath. The pattern of the jean shirt is revealed. I love how the designer showed different shades of blue to create that spice for this outfit. Notice the sequence added upon the collar of the jean shirt underneath the jacket.

 White denim biker-style jacket - Exotic White | 5178

WOW !!!!!! I don't know about you but this whole outfit is screaming my name. Nothing about this outfit is average. This is the full definition of fashion HANDS DOWN!!! From top to bottom there is never a dull moment with this masterpiece. Notice the base color which is white. With white designers can play around with different designs , colors, and patterns. Any type of sequence can be added no matter the color!! In other words white is the best experimental color.  As I began to contact Desigual they asked me what was my favorite piece off their runway show during fashion week. I have no favorite piece. I expressed to them that I literally fell in love with every piece they presented!!!

So you see I like to think of fashion as art. As me being a designer aswell I like to think of fashion as having no limits. When I prepare to design and create something new I ask myself, what is the message I want to send to the world? Who do I picture wearing this masterpiece? What is the mood of this outfit? My advice to any designer whether it be fashion or any creation would be to never limit yourself. Don't be afraid to do something no one has done before. Challenge yourself, because believe it or not fashion is all around us everything is creation. From the moment we rise till the moment we rest WE ARE FASHION!!!


  1. I love this blog. Fashion is the personality of oneself, shown to the rest of the world and this blog really speaks to me. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate your support 💯 😊

  2. I'm definitely a big fan of Denim and this article is so well researched!
    Great going, babe!
    Power to you x

    1. Thankyou boo!! ❤ if you love denim then youll love my fashion blog called its a denim thang!! Check it out mama!! I appreciate ur support!!


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